What most business owners do wrong (and how to fix it easily)

Today, we’re going to talk about what most business owners get WRONG and how to fix it.

Most business owners approach business like this:

  • Create a product/service
  • Market it
  • Sell it

While it sounds like a great, simple way to go about it, we find this approach faulty for several reasons:

  • you don’t know what sells before you actually sell it. This means: a business owner oftentimes spends way too long to perfect the product /service before they know whether it sells or not. Just because there are other businesses that sell similar products, it doesn’t mean your product will sell.
  • marketing means building an audience for your business. While marketing is one of the KEY GROWTH ACTIVITIES you need to do in your business, building an audience before you have something to sell could lead to a number of challenges when you finally decide to sell something. Your audience could resent you when you start selling. This happened to many bloggers when they turned from being a hobby blogger to become a business owner… their audiences found it rude to be sold to because the bloggers had trained their audiences to get everything for free.
  • your marketing might attract the wrong type of people. The goal of your marketing is to get the right people to say yes to your offers and get the wrong people to stay away. Who is right vs wrong? Only you can decide who you want to have as a customer!

Our approach is different, simple, and effective:

  • sell it
  • create it
  • market it

This approach helps you quickly validate your offers, develop the ones that work (i.e. people buy), and kill the ones that don’t. Would you like to learn how we do this? If yes, just reply to me and I come back to you with details about how we can help you.

Tiina Wilen — The founder & CEO of Avenue For Growth

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Tiina Wilen is the founder & CEO of Avenue For Growth. She and her team are on a mission to help visionary leaders and SME CEOs grow profits, impact & joy.