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Key Concept #1 to getting customers fast

In the training video, I shared our winning concepts for getting customers fast. We have had this approach for years, in all my businesses, and we keep doing it because it works. It works for our customers too, so no need to be on the hunt for shiny objects.

The underlying strategy is to build SYSTEMS for everything you do in business. One of the systems is Key Concept #1: making powerful invitations. This is the single most effective strategy you can implement into your business if you want to grow your sales.

How exactly this looks like is different depending on your product/service but the idea is the same: invite people to engage in your services and buy your solutions fast.

I figured out a system for growing a product business that put our products on the shelves of 100+ retail stores in 17 countries within 2 years.

I figured out a system that got my consulting business fully booked within weeks of my opening the doors.

Systems save businesses.

Systems grow businesses.

Systems are good for the mind, body, and soul of a business owner.

I don’t mind what the system is that you want to follow and implement, whether it’s our system or a system that our industry colleagues are teaching… every fast-growing company I have ever come across commits to following a SYSTEM to do that.

You too need to commit to a SYSTEM.

Not a hotpot of STUFF, even though that’s where everyone starts… why? Because growing a business is frigging hard work, it’s difficult until it isn’t, it’s confusing until it isn’t…

It’s a MESS until you have a SYSTEM.

Tiina Wilen — The founder & CEO of Avenue For Growth

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Tiina Wilen is the founder & CEO of Avenue For Growth. She and her team are on a mission to help visionary leaders and SME CEOs grow profits, impact & joy.