Design the right sales environment

In the training video, I shared our winning concepts for getting customers fast. During the last few days, we talked about the importance of having a clear message, a promise, and the right mechanism.

All that is very important, but it’s only the start of the Expert Sales Engine. What happens next?

You need to design your environment so that there’s a possibility for the sales to take place.

What is that?

Let me give you an example:

If you ever been to trade fairs, you know that’s an ENVIRONMENT for the sales to take place. Once-twice per year, industry people (observe, NOT some random hobbyists) get together to an event where thousands of businesses are selling their products and services. Now, this might sound a bit old school, since “we’re all digital nowadays, right?” No, wrong. Trade fairs are huge, so are conferences, and other events. But, these could be digital too!

So, the people have gathered together to BUY. The intention is to make purchases. To spend some moolah. To INVEST.

Within this environment, do you think it’s easy or difficult to make sales? Yes, easy. Why? Because the people are on a buying mode.

When you create your sales environment, you need to make sure that the people are in a buying mode when they enter it.

Before you start designing your sales environment that makes your Expert Sales Engine work, you need to ask yourself (and answer)

  • Do you really understand your clients’ buying process?
  • Do you know what process matches your product?
  • Do you know how you engineer your sales process?
  • Do you know when to get hands-on, and when to automate?

So, HOW do your clients buy?

Who is involved? What’s are the requirements for you to be part of the process? For example, corporates often have very specific procurement models, and you need to know how you qualify.

Do they buy online or do they need assistance? Do they buy annually or anytime? Do they buy in bulk or one at a time? Do they buy for themselves or for someone else?

What process match your product/service?

How do you deliver? What’s the price point? Depending on your delivery mechanism and price point, your sales system will look very different.

How to engineer your sales process?

What tools, assets, and systems do you need to make it happen? What does your prospective customer need to go through before they can buy? Sometimes, this is as simple as inviting people to a sales page or a webshop. Sometimes, it’s way more complex. What’s yours?

Do you know when to get hands-on and when to automate?

There are some parts of your sales process that NEED automation and some others that need manual handling, and again, this has to do with what you sell and at what price point.

Before you start looking into any tools, you should be clear on this!

Tiina Wilen — The founder & CEO of Avenue For Growth

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Tiina Wilen is the founder & CEO of Avenue For Growth. She and her team are on a mission to help visionary leaders and SME CEOs grow profits, impact & joy.