Design a Powerful Invitation and Sell More Faster

In the training video, I shared our winning concepts for getting customers fast. Yesterday, we talked about the importance of having a system for your customer acquisition. The system we teach is called Expert Sales Engine, and the key is to build a powerful invitation to the right people to come and engage in your services.


Power Invitation PART 1 is about your message. This is, by the way, not the same as your BRAND MESSAGE. We can talk about brand messages some other day, but this message is the part of your invitation that defines exactly who you talk to, what they need, and why.

For example, let’s say you are a lawyer, and you help your customer solve complex GDPR stuff (I’m not one, so don’t ask me how to legally solve complex GDPR stuff, and please do not take this example as legal advice). Your customer is a mid-sized IT company in the EU.

Your message could say: “does your IT company struggle to understand the ____(what’s the problem)___ that are ____(causing some kind of pain)___?”

It’s simple and IF your audience is “an IT company” and finds this problem relevant, what do you think they’ll do next? They come to you for a solution.


The promise that you can make, knowing that the right person who has just arrived at your ecosystem, with the specific pain, problem, or desire, will most likely find intriguing.

  • What can you promise?
  • How do you structure a solid promise?

We find the best promises to be

  • believable
  • simple and doable
  • based on a specific set of elements

Based on a specific set of elements: the legal firm could promise to solve the GDPR related problem in 3 simple steps. Or a nutrition coach would help her customer to get fit in 5 simple steps. Or, a website designer could help her customer to build a high-converting website by implementing a specific set of principles.

It’s important that your promise is believable, because I guess your audience is, like ours, smart and sophisticated people, and they most likely do not buy into bogus, nor do you want to sell bogus.

Simple and doable: if something you sell is too complex and difficult, you will most likely scare people off. Make your offer simple and doable, and position you as the best possible help to get your customers to their goals fast.


We believe in the power of video to share our message. We believe that when you create a powerful, short video presentation that shares the exact promise, you will get customers faster.

  • Why video?
  • Why short?
  • What’s the setup?
  • How fast can you do it?

Video because people love to consume video. Video beats all other media and creates engagement. It shows you’re a real, normal person. It shows your personality, voice, face, humor… and the best part: you really don’t have to be a professional actor to create a video that presents your offer!

Why short? Because when you have a clear message and promise, you do not need to tell your whole life story. Just share your promise and invite people to come and work with you. Simple, don’t we LOVE it?

Setup? You could go all wild with the latest, coolest webinar tech and tools (secretly I love those… but I love FAST and EASY more) but then again, maybe you just don’t bother because your goal is to get your power invitation out there FAST, so you can test the offer, make sales and validate your idea.

Now, I give you a challenge:


2 hrs to craft your message

2 hours to create your promise

1 hour to create presentation slides

1 hour to record your presentation

1 hour to publish it to your site

→ 7 hours MAX and you will be making sales way more efficiently than yesterday.

Tiina Wilen — The founder & CEO of Avenue For Growth

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Tiina Wilen is the founder & CEO of Avenue For Growth. She and her team are on a mission to help visionary leaders and SME CEOs grow profits, impact & joy.