Do you have multiple passions, skills, and interests, and you’re constantly confused and questioning: “what business should I build given I love all these things?”

I don’t think it’s a strange feeling. Every (almost at least) entrepreneur I know is multi-passionate and since we know how to build things, it’s not uncommon to think we can build businesses out of every passion and skill set. AND, if you’re anything like me, you literally see opportunities everywhere!

I mean, the first thing I start thinking when I see a great idea: “should we do that too?” …


Our clients win. And when they win, our team wins. And when the team wins, I win. We love a good triple win, but in fact, we actually quadruple win, I just can’t pronounce that word.

The quadruple win means that our clients’ customers win too.

Let’s talk about it for a moment.

I guess that you have a skill set that helps people, right? You might be a coach, consultant, designer, healer, teacher, photographer, body bender… someone who makes a living by helping people get results.

When you grow your business and make more money, you get to help…

The key roles you need to have in your growth team

I created this illustration to show you WHO you need in your growth team when you start taking your business to the next level.

  • YOU: the CEO.
  • Your ADVISORY team: That’s the business coaches and consultants that you need to work with to be able to figure out the next moves for your business.
  • Your MANAGEMENT team: the ONE key role every growing business owner needs is the DBM; Digital Business Manager. A person who can manage your processes, tools & systems, projects, and people. …

Common growth blockers

If more knowledge was the key to success, everyone would have made it by now. There’s certainly no lack of information yet business owners are more confused than ever before. When I started my first business, there were barely any courses, YouTube videos, and webinars to join. Honestly, it might have been a blessing since I can’t recall me being as confused about all the things we could be doing… And my entrepreneurial journey is not even 10 years long.

Now let’s uncover the most common growth blockers we have come across while working with business owners like you.



In the training video, I shared our winning concepts for getting customers fast. During the last few days, we talked about the importance of having a clear message, a promise, and the right mechanism.

All that is very important, but it’s only the start of the Expert Sales Engine. What happens next?

You need to design your environment so that there’s a possibility for the sales to take place.

What is that?

Let me give you an example:

If you ever been to trade fairs, you know that’s an ENVIRONMENT for the sales to take place. Once-twice per year, industry…


Let’s talk about how you can sell at hello and why you need to do it.

First; what does it mean?

Does it mean that you need to hunt people on social media and try to sell something directly off the gate?


It means that you have a smart, systematic approach to client acquisition where you already at the first connection point tell what you do, for whom, and why they should care.

Furthermore, you show HOW you do it.

Why is this important?

In business, your goal is to invite the person who knows she wants a specific…


In the training video, I shared our winning concepts for getting customers fast. Yesterday, we talked about the importance of having a system for your customer acquisition. The system we teach is called Expert Sales Engine, and the key is to build a powerful invitation to the right people to come and engage in your services.


Power Invitation PART 1 is about your message. This is, by the way, not the same as your BRAND MESSAGE. …

Get customers fast — Avenue For Growth

In the training video, I shared our winning concepts for getting customers fast. We have had this approach for years, in all my businesses, and we keep doing it because it works. It works for our customers too, so no need to be on the hunt for shiny objects.

The underlying strategy is to build SYSTEMS for everything you do in business. One of the systems is Key Concept #1: making powerful invitations. This is the single most effective strategy you can implement into your business if you want to grow your sales.

How exactly this looks like is different…

Today, we’re going to talk about what most business owners get WRONG and how to fix it.

Most business owners approach business like this:

  • Create a product/service
  • Market it
  • Sell it

While it sounds like a great, simple way to go about it, we find this approach faulty for several reasons:

  • you don’t know what sells before you actually sell it. This means: a business owner oftentimes spends way too long to perfect the product /service before they know whether it sells or not. …


Have you ever thought about this:

When selling your amazing services, you must understand that INVESTING is a 2-way street. Yes, your clients invest in your service (or more correct: they invest in the RESULTS your service gets them), but you also need to invest something.

You see, if you don’t invest, why should they?

Every now and then I get an ask to be part of a startup or idea and act as a mentor/coach against future provision (if that ever happens)… Sometimes I say YES, but as it happens, most times no. Why? Because the people who approach…

Tiina Wilén

Tiina Wilen is the founder & CEO of Avenue For Growth. She and her team are on a mission to help visionary leaders and SME CEOs grow profits, impact & joy.

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